Monday, November 22, 2010

Thrift Share: Thanksgiving Sale Thrifting

How was your thrift hunt on the last weekend before thanksgiving? I took advantage of some amazing sales and yielded a beautiful haul for pocket change thanks to seasonal 50% off sales.

[The Weekend'sHaul $12.54 total]

Going Clockwise: Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book" Record, (50 cents) Bird Salt Shaker (50 cents), Tropical Fish Paint by Number ($1.00), Small Metal Tin (50 cents) , Modern Mushrooms (50 cents), Kokeshi Doll ($2.50), Sweaters ($1 each, for Christmas Crafting).

Favorite finds include...

[Mod Wooden Kokeshi Doll $2.50]

This modern wooden Japanese Kokeshi doll. She's my second thrifted wooden Kokeshi doll. I'm collecting these beauties. Can anyone guess an era on this little girl?

[Stevie Wonder "Talking Book" Recod $0.50]

Hell Yes- Stevie Wonder!  "Talking Book" is a gem from Stevie's classic period.  I recommend listening to "Maybe Your Baby"- oh baby, it's the funkiest thing Stevie has ever composed. (Don't miss Big Brother either, it's amazing.)

[Paint By Numbers $1.00]

I've always wanted a Paint by Numbers, this set with kaleidoscopic tropical fish was irresistible for this fish fan. 

 [Mod Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers $0.50]

I think I'm going to transform these modern mushroom salt and pepper shakers into psychedelic salt and pepper shakers with red and white paint- but would it be a sin to alter their clean and modern design?
 Descriptions and details on each item can be found on

What did YOU find this weekend?


  1. Great finds! I like the salt and pepper shakers. I was reading some other posts, and I think I would have picked up the Pyrex to use as dog bowls in my kitchen. I like to use them for that, but had to subject a perfect bowl to the abuse. Thanks for stopping by House Revivals this morning!

  2. I did a paint by numbers this year and it will be the last one I ever do! They are tedious!

  3. Ana: Don't crush my dreams! :) I intend to work on it on and off for weeks as a break from whatever other tedious thing that's going on.

  4. I love the Kokeshi Doll- could totally see a collection going on, on a mantle.

    also, I like the S&P shakers as is...

    great finds!

  5. Well to be fair it looks like yours has only 5 colors. The one I did was 18 and it was vintage so all the paint had dried up so I had to mix them myself.

  6. NOOOOOOOOO Don't paint the shakers, they are perfect!! Fantastic finds!

  7. 1. I love that kokeshi. I have a slowly growing collection myself.

    2. Those are not mushrooms, what they are is indecent;)

  8. My first thought was not of a mushroom either.

  9. Thursday and Ana: One of them only has one hole at the top. One. Hole. (It's cropped out of the photo). I was going to write about them being my "penis shakers" but resisted... :D the words of my creative writing teacher echoed in my ears, "Restraint!"

    Thrifted Treasure: Yep, I've decided against painting them. It would be cruel! I'll paint some toadstools on paper instead!


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