Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Scandinavian Thrift Score.

I love it when a theme emerges out of nowhere. A few days ago, I went to some of my usual thrift haunts and managed to score three amazing mid century design classics all within an afternoon!

These beauties are a rare find, so I've learned. I'd never even heard of iittala before but now I'm smitten.

Oh hello gorgeous Dansk teak and glass carafe!

Oh, is that a Cathrineholm fondue set in mint condition? Why yes, it is!


  1. oh my you were on a hot hot hot streak! don't you LOVE when that happens?

    so are you tempted to keep any of these beauties?

    (I actually had an amazing score myself today which I hope to post tomorrow)...

  2. I love iittala! I also live that carafe! Is it for sale by any chance?

  3. These items are all for sale in the shop. I'm not keeping any of these items even though I should (I think I may be an idiot!).

  4. In such an enabler but I say keep that carafe!

  5. the only thing that stops me from keeping 'all the good stuff' is knowing there really WILL be another amazing find around the corner...

  6. You all this Scandinavian Modern treasure in one outing? Amazing! These are all amazing finds, I especially the green fondu pot that's in mint condition!


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