Monday, November 22, 2010

paint by number hilarity

In the interest of full disclosure I'll admit that my heart skipped a happy beat when I happened upon this the other day.

It's true; I've been bitten by the trendy bug and I'm loving the oh-so popular paint by number pieces.  Normally you'll come across a painting of a house or some cute puppies, but this fancy fellow was a first for me.

The hair.  The eyeliner.  The sweet brown loafers.  Dear sir, you were too cool for your thrift shop home.    

So, thank you to Linda from 1968 for following the directions and creating this masterpiece.  I bet you never dreamt that one day your work would bring a whooping 25 cents to a needy charity.  Good on you madame!

I can't really say that the term mod or hipster really apply to this gentleman.  I don't really know much about these things.


  1. he's pretty smokin' although he looks about 12 so that makes me a perv. great.

    nice find!

  2. Woah, that is among the most amazing thrift store finds I've ever seen. And for 25 cents? Epic! He is so unique, nice pose and expression!

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  4. That's hilarious! Following you from FMBT - hope you can visit me at Thanks!

  5. Haha! I'd say there's a bit of "emo" in him too!

  6. ABSOLUTELY love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for Linda but even better for you! Thanks for sharing, this indeed made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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