Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MCM Coffee Table & Chairs

I don't usually buy furniture when I thrift
but these were too good to pass up!
My timing was perfection as I happened to be standing
at the back area of the Goodwill JUST as the base for this table was being
carried out to the floor. Down it went in front of me and I waited in
anticipation for the top. As he brought the heavy glass closer I declared, "I will buy this"
before it even got put on top of the base.
(good thing, as someone else forlornly gave me the thumbs up a few feet away)...
After some online research I found it's provenance; a walnut base Adrian Pearsall table called 'Jacks' circa 1960. Valued anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 depending on the dealer.
Not sure how but I hope to sell this piece...

My next find on the same day were these 2 Italian made leather & chrome cantilevered
chairs with their stickers intact underneath: "Sans Souci".
I can actually use these and they tuck in nicely against the wall so they are a keeper for now.
(oh, and they were priced at $5.00 each).


  1. Hell yea, that table is an amazing find AND investment! Nice chairs as well!

  2. That table is Amazing!!! Congrats.

  3. if there EVAH was an appropriate time to use 'OMG', THIS POST is it. Congratulations! The mid-century modern goddess was surely shining on you!

  4. Holy crap, how did I miss this post! Wowzers! You really should keep that table but I understand the desire to also want to sell it too...sell it while MCM is still hot and cash in. Amazing finds.

  5. That table is pretty cool. Adrian Pearsall is one of my favourite mid-century designers.


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