Monday, November 22, 2010

Lightolier Lytegem

As illustrated in my latest (personal) blog post, I have a thing for vintage lights.
(pardon the link- I think it's relevant)!
I have been having some uncanny luck lately, as with the posting
I did on the Atterberg lamp...

Today I thrifted this beauty: a Lightolier Lytegem eyeball lamp, designed by
Michael Lax in the 60's.

The thing is, they have re-issued this lamp and I'm not sure
if this is a vintage or current model. It is made in Japan.

It is in mint condition, so if it IS vintage it's pretty amazing! Does anyone know if
'made in Japan' makes it a new or original?

Also, do I keep or sell, once more I'm torn.

(the textile and red file tray in the photos are also thrifted- yay for thrifting)!!!


  1. It's beautiful! I can see why you're torn! If you can can imagine where the lamp will go and how you will use it; keep it!

    Wish I could help you on the era but I'm no pro in this arena.

  2. oh yes, it goes perfectly in my office, unfortunately!
    (I feel like such a lousy businesswoman if I keep it though)...

  3. i would bet $65.78 that this is an original. NOTHING is made in Japan anymore is it? Not even re-issues. When did they do the repros, do you know? Was it after 1985-ish?

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  5. I have a lamp problem too. I just can't say no to drafting lamps.

  6. yes, vintage cabin, the re-issues are quite new, Design Within Reach I believe has the rights. they sell them for $125. on their site.

    I agree, doubtful that it would be made in Japan today... it just looks so new, I was confused. I guess it's 'worth more' if it's vintage? anyway, I am becoming a hoarder of high-end lighting... is that O.K., or should I be worried?!?!

  7. I found the same lamp today, and it has the same bottom panel as yours (though mine is not black plastic) I believe this is the vintage version, I think the reissue is able to be mounted on the wall.


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