Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here Me Roar

Welcome to my first post on Thrift Collect! My name is Ray, and I am absolutely obsessed with thrift-store shopping. Hawaii has a few, and I visited them once and a while, but after coming up to Seattle, I am in Goodwill, Value Village, Savers, and so many hole-in-the-wall thrift stores all day, every day (almost literally). There are so many great quality items, especially if you know how to look for them. I never restrict myself to my size or even my gender. Great pieces--brand-name, designer-brand, brand new, vintage, retro--they can be hidden or in plain sight anywhere in the women's and men's section. Thrift stores are giant treasure boxes, and I'm a serious thrifting pirate. 

Here's one of my most recent finds: Goodwill treats a pirate well with a $6 jaguar-printed dress. Two sizes too big for my small stature, I still purchased the dress with a plan in mind. Here's some helpful tips: people sometimes feel compelled to buy items from a thrift store simply because they're cheap. But $6 is still $6, meaning you shouldn't waste your money on something that won't fit right. You may find your own size in a department store or from a commercial brand; this saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing that you'll wear it. You should always get your money's worth--or more!
However, with my black corsage belt, I was able to cinch the waste and flower the top over--just the way I liked it. Thus, a great thrifted buy. This dress reflects the massive leopard-print trend that's flooding commercial stores and the entire fashion industry. H&M has a beautiful long-sleeved sheer leopard-print maxi dress, but at $40, I wasn't going to splurge on it. Not with my own one-of-a-kind dress at approximately 6% off the cost. More pictures of this thrifted find are found here.


  1. Love this!
    I would never even think of buying a dress that was too big and then using a belt to make it fit. You've changed my perspective on what buying from a thrift store means! Next time I'll be sure to keep an open mind...

  2. it will be interesting to follow your fashion through thrift; you have great style!

    (I spend a lot of time in thrift stores too but mainly for decor items)...

  3. I love this. I often do the same thing. I won't buy unless I have a clear idea in mind. Money is still money and its silly to waste it!

  4. Welcome to the collective. I love the dress, you rock it! And if you get tired of tripping over it, a quick hem-job would be super simple to execute.

    And I always try to shop for value and only get stuff I know I'll wear. Even if a shirt is 10 cents. If it's too small, it's too small.


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