Monday, November 1, 2010

Have you seen me?

Today is my Birthday and I'm hoping a little bday luck will be with me today.

I found this drinking glass on etsy and fell in love. When it came in the mail I was sick and my husband served me many Shirley Temples in it (a must have when I'm sick). It perked me up and made me smile.

The trouble is it has no markings on it at all. There is no way to tell where it came from. An etsy seller/friend Pardon My Vintage found a matching plate on flickr and all it says is "Taste Setter Collection". I've searched in vain for it. You can't imagine what comes up when you do a search for 'vintage yellow glass'.

So, if you have any info or clues about this let me know! If you see it grab it and I'll pay cost and shipping.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'll keep an eye out for it.

  2. Happy Birthday! I had my birthday luck this weekend and found some Cathrineholm. Don't you just love birthday thrifting? :)

  3. Thanks! I really do love that glass, this blog is designed around it!

  4. I think the designer's name is Franci Villa Vanilla. I am sure I have this collection in a reference book somewhere. I'll have a look.


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