Friday, November 5, 2010

Disco Fever!

So yesterday I complained about being sick on my Birthday and last night the fates made up for it. I was feeling well enough to hit up the Goodwill near my house and I was rewarded!

I found a giant disco ball, it's about 20" tall. There was no price on it and the guy who worked there was offering me $100. I shook my head at that, mostly because I still have no voice, and he said 30% off $100. I shook my head again. In my mind I was thinking $15-$20. He offered 50% off $100, I said no and he called the manager over and he offered me $5.99...yep SIX dollars. Sold.

I cruised the rest of the store and found the super cute mugs, the giant white vase (from Mikasa) and the handblown vase all for $10.

I'm sorry I ever badmouthed that Goodwill for reals.


  1. That's exactly what I was thinking... $5.99! Great score.

  2. So fun! What will you do with the disco ball?

  3. The disco ball, or as I know refer to it. The regulation size disco ball, is going to lay in a sunny spot and I'm going to get giant hot pink tassels for it. I'll post a picture.

  4. I am jealous of your disco ball! Those things are expensive. You got such a great deal. The tassel is an awesome idea. Can't wait to see it up.

    Oh, and thanks for the badges. They look great!

  5. $100 bucks?!?!? As my ten year old friend Alex says, See-wee-us-wee? Good for you for holding out!!!!!

    Loving the white vase.

    Our goodwills around here are good for clothes and LOUSY for household items.

  6. really?? $100? thats just ridiculous. i don't think that guy knew what he was doing haha. or maybe i just have no idea what disco balls are valued at :p

  7. Disco ball!! Do want! All of your finds are beautiful but I envy the disco ball the most, excellent find!

  8. hey
    i dint know you could bargain at goodwill :)


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