Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before and After

I actually have quite a few things to show you that I've cleaned up. I'll show you some now and some later in the week. Draw it out, leave you hanging!

So here's my haul from yesterday. The frame was $15 but at Goodwill all blue tags were $1.49. The pillow is from Crate & Barrel. I had it on my wishlist for a long time but it was $40, I picked it up for $4. My husband has declared he wants a bar area (Mad Men has influenced this I think) so I grabbed that awesome faceted bottle, brass tray and ice bucket.

First the brass, It's an easy clean up. If you don't have Barkeeper's Friend, go get some now. This stuff is awesome.

 Next the frame. It was so dirty! I cleaned it then primed and painted it with semi-gloss white. I painted the mat as well, I was going for a white on white look.

As Brigitte would say: Voila! I fell in love with a print of her on a Harley at my local antique mall but they wanted $70 for it and I'm cheap people. Plus this one has boobies!

I'm moving, so these things don't have a permanent home yet but I've got plans in my head where it will go in the new place.


  1. Woah, love all the retro goodies. The tray/ice bucket combo and the pillow are enviable :) (I too love prints with boobies whenever I can find 'em!)

  2. Bardot boobies! ha! Love this - thanks for tweeting the link & sharing the Brigitte love :)
    p.s. never heard of barkeeper's friend - I have to pick up some of that!


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