Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vintage Steelcase Desk

This fabulous desk is a recent thrift store find. I spotted it at a Salvation Army store and was thrilled to see the price was only $19.99. It is in mint condition with an unusual laminate top that has a sleek black inset. The drawers all slide well and it is as solid as can be.

I had been using an old wooden desk that I had inherited but it didn't suit my style or needs. I have been collecting a lot of mid century modern desk accessories and really wanted a desk that would show them off properly...

It was on the heavy side when it came to carrying it up the stairs to my office but now that it's here I can't imagine it will have to move again. I love how solid it is- it doesn't move an inch no matter what!

Does anyone else have any home office/studio finds to share?


  1. I love it ~ what an absolute bargain! It looks fantastic in your office.

  2. thanks!
    this why we love to thrift...

  3. awesome find, carol! love it and your desk is looking pretty swanky. :)


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