Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unicorns and Milk Glass

I'm so excited about this collective, because I am an avid thrift store explorer. Frankly, I'm an addict, such that I've started a little etsy store as a haven for the wonderful things I find that I cannot use myself. It's helped with my hoarding a bit!

I have a couple of finds from last week that I'd like to brag about to the collective :). Of these finds, there is one I love, but have no use for, while the other fits right into my milk glass collection.

First is a set of 3 ceramic unicorn hooks that I find hilarious and adorable. They were screwed to a piece of honey colored wood which made them seem lame and sad, so I liberated them. They would look darling screwed right into a wall for a bit of utilitarian whimsy. These unis avoid the cheesiness sometimes associated with their kind with a subtle color palette, and a stately curve to their necks which lends an air of dignity and a willingness to serve.

My other find is a milk glass vase I was positively giddy to find for $1 at the local St. Vincent's. I had found a smaller version of it a couple of weeks prior at a different store - accumulating sets is always so exciting! At almost 9 inches tall and 7 across, it's quite a statement piece, with or without a large arrangement. Speaking of, it took 2 large and one medium bouquet from the grocery store to fill, and it could use even more. I can't wait to have a party and use it as a centerpiece!


  1. They were too cute to pass up! I don't think I'll be too disappointed if I end up having to keep them.


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