Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thrifting

The boys and I hit an independent thrift shop this afternoon for their 25% off sale and came home with a few treasures:

My oldest (11YO) spotted this in with the luggage; he said that he could tell that it didn't look like a regular suitcase and when he picked it up it was heavy.  It's a Penncrest Caravelle 12, which is a rebranded Smith Corona for JC Penney.  This is the 4th vintage manual typewriter we've thrifted.

This Sunbeam Mixmaster had to come home with us as well.  I haven't tried to clean it yet.  I can't really explain why I had to have it as I already have a Kitchen Aid mixer; I just wanted it. It has the original Glasbake mixing bowls.  I've just started researching it but it appears to be from the 1950s.

We also came home with a vintage potato ricer, 3 large Pyrex custard cups, 3 Butterfly Gold Pyrex D Handle coffee mugs, and two ping pong paddles (I always get something little to keep the boys interested in thrifting).


  1. That typewriter is gorgeous! What a fab find - I should borrow your 11YO for a thrifting excursion. ;)

  2. He is an awesome thrifting buddy; he always willing to go and he knows what to look for. Sometimes he spots Pyrex before I do!


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