Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrifting at the grocery store.

The chair sat on the deck, waiting for me to find space for it.

I went grocery shopping the other night and came home with a mid century chair. How's that for a one-stop-shopping experience?! When I arrived at the grocery store, my keen eye immediately spotted this chair sitting amongst other (less savoury) items behind a locked up chain link fence. I knew I had to have the chair, but how? So, after getting my groceries, I asked the sales clerk about it and she sent me to the Customer Service desk. There, the woman told me they just had an annual yard sale (which I did not know about!) and the chair was a left over. My immediate response to all this information was 1. how did I not know about this yard sale! and 2. can I please have the chair?

Not only could I have the chair, but she said I could just TAKE the chair. For free. I practically swooned. Somehow, I managed to stuff it in a car that it didn't want to fit in (thank goodness for removable legs!), and bring it home. It just needs a little TLC to bring it back to its original awesomeness.

And that is the story of how I snagged a free chair. Whilst grocery shopping.

Even Grace (my puppydog) was excited about my recent thrift find!


  1. what an awesome chair!! Eeep! :)

  2. Wow! What a great find! I'll admit, I'm a little bit jealous!

  3. That is a fantastic find and a great story to boot! Congrats ~ it looks fab!

  4. LOVE the chair. I saw two beautiful mid century modern style (imitations) bar stools at a dumpster by mt favorite cafe. They would have taken too long to fix so I left them, but I feel your joy of discovery.

    And your animal is pretty, I want Grace! She is pretty!

    Cute blog, as a fellow thrift-obsessed individual I shall follow! :)


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