Thursday, October 21, 2010

Series Idea

Our blogger Holyoke Home had an insanely awesome idea for a series on the blog. City Thrift Guides!

I'm definitely going to do one for Seattle and possibly the Bay Area of California (where I just moved from). I could probably do ones for where I lived in Florida and New York as well.

I'd like to invite everyone to do one, even if they're are duplicate cities...who knows you may have a special store your neighbor doesn't know about (please use the above graphic in your guide).

I'll link them in the sidebar as well because it'll be such a valuable resource.

In the meantime check out these great tools. The first is the Yard Sale Mapper app which uses your location to find yard sales in your hood and a site that lists thrift stores, consignment shops, charity shops etc in your area.

There's also some apps for the TomTom as well. I have one on mine that shows me where all the Goodwills are in my area.


  1. What a great idea! I would love to participate. I'm not in a major city but I go to some pretty junky places I know yall would love!

  2. Amanda,

    Please participate! The more the merrier!
    We'd love to have you as an author!


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