Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Help?

I found these super sweet owl salt and pepper shakers thrifting but I can't figure out what they're made of.

Before I cleaned them up they were kind of gasoline tarnished. I tried silver polish that didn't really do anything. Then Bar Keeper's Friend and that kind of helped. Then I boiled them with Baking Soda and tried Bar Keeper's Friend again and that did the trick.



They're stamped "Japan" on the bottom. Any silver-plate I've ever had polished up with silver polish...so what are these guys? They shine like silver and are heavy enough.


  1. They are as cute as can be but I have no idea what they are made of. They remind me of my grandma ~ she was a major owl collector before she broke up household and moved into assisted living.

  2. Whoah, what a difference! Sorry, I'm no expert on metals! Could it be some kind of chrome-plating?

  3. Before you cleaned them, they looked like Lustreware, but Lustreware wouldn't shine up like that. I think you have real silver there, just super super tarnished.

    Love them! So sweet :-)

  4. I have these same ones, they came from my grandmas house. I dont know what they are made of but mine have a sticker on the bottom that says "Tarnish Resistant, no silver polish, japan".

  5. sooo cute! i kinda like them before they were polished though... :)


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