Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fifty Cent Find

Recently my boys and I branched out and drove to a Goodwill Outlet Store in a nearby city.  Unlike what I have read on several thrifting blogs this one does not weigh merchandise to price it.  You still sort through bins for non-breakables and the breakable items are on shelves against a wall.  When you find what you want you take it to the cashier and she or he comes up with a price.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I took this up and was told 50¢:

A Chemex coffee pot!  When I found it it did have the rawhide leather tie holding the handle pieces on, but it fell apart when I went to disassemble it and wash the carafe.  No worries ~ a replacement is under $2 and I needed to order filters anyway.  I have wanted one of these for a long time.

Also starring in the photo is tablecloth I found at the retail Goodwill outlet in the same city.  It is one we had never been to and while I would say they had fewer clothing items and the clothing wasn't as "nice" as the retail store in my town, it had a larger housewares section and more linens.  My store never has vintage linens.  This tablecloth and its matching napkins are clearly hand-stitched and sewn at home, but I actually love the wonky zigzag stitch that was used to create the border.  The cross stitch work is beautiful!

As I said, they had linens, and much of what I chose was an additional 50% off:

These are the matching napkins for the tablecloth, two sets of vintage napkins (green border and retro floral), seven kitchen towels, and nine cheery cherry red-checked napkins that may not be vintage but will make great picnic napkins.

Speaking of picnic prints, look at these babies:

Three Fire King mugs!  They were only $1.99 for all three, which doesn't jive with the fact that the same store wanted $3.99 for an Anchor Hocking Strawberry Shortcake mug from 1980.  I had to leave that one at the store.  These three will be going into a picnic basket, I think.

This Avon squirrel votive candleholder had to come home with us and join the party on our fall-decorated mantle.  He was 25¢ at the outlet store.

And finally, I took a chance on a teapot that had no markings but looked to me to be Metlox:

Sure enough, it is a Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Grape teapot, and the thrift price beats online auction sites by a mile.  My husband asked if I planned to sell it, but as of yet I don't buy anything with the intent to sell it ~ I buy for myself and for gifts.  Since I don't know anyone who drinks tea the way we do it will be staying here.


  1. I hear coffee tastes better out of that Chemex!

  2. I've never even heard of a Chemex coffee thingamajig but I'm liking the idea of it! Nice finds.

  3. How you resisted the Strawberry Shortcake mug - I'll never know.

  4. Oh! By the way - Chemex is a pain in the ying-yang to make as compares to a drip machine, but the coffee is SOOOOO good.

  5. Well, we are mostly tea drinkers and when DH wants coffee he goes out for it (because automatic drip is so bad). But we are used to boiling water, pouring, and waiting. MIL always wants coffee when she is here and that is when we bring out the Mr. Coffee, but she used to have a so I think she'll be happy.

    Honestly, I like making food and drink to be hard if the results are superior. I make homemade chicken stock from scratch every week, and beans from dried, and bread and other baked goods. I even make our breakfast cereal (homemade granola).

    I don't have a daughter, and I didn't know that my 5YO niece would appreciate it, but we may go back and see if it is still there Monday, lol. It occurred to me that my sister was a Strawberry Shortcake fan (I was a little too old).


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