Monday, November 3, 2014

Thrift Haul: Using the Thrift Store for Clothing Essentials. Plus, Batman!

I've ever so slowly been returning to the hunt, trying to train myself not to pick up my old favorites like gorgeous ceramic teapots and mugs that aren't stunning mid century modern pottery, super unique or very sellable. Or interesting bits for my own collection. Which means I bring home next to nothing now. And I love it, I'm enjoying the journey to being close to minimal! But I did find a few neat things worth sharing lately:

I'll be posting more details later but I'm challenging myself to change my wardrobe, curating a "classic" one with more basics, using only the thrift store. These shoes are are like-new with no wear for $2.00.

They're by Lucky Brand. Love their clothes but have always refused to buy because the price. Fun to find some for next to nothing at the thrift store. The wedges and heels on their website right now go from $89.00 to $159.00.

Batman! I was driving home one day and couldn't resist an intriguing estate sale. There was so much I wanted to buy, huge boat book ends with lots of patina, for instance. But I refuse to sit on tons of merchandise for long anymore, it's killing me soul! Lost it on the Batman coloring book, though. My love of Batman could not be contained the cover illustration is gorgeous. Every single page inside is colored though. For sale if anyone would like it. Would look lovely framed.

This kokeshi change purse last kokeshi-doll style "change purse". I can't resist cute "smalls". My previous one now holds gum, it was too small for the amount of change I tend to drag around.

This 1970s sweater came right in time for a cold front. We were enjoying a hot indian summer until this weekend when the temps dropped to 47 during the day, which is cold for us in north Florida. This groovy sweater is keeping me warm for now. It's also for sale. I'm attempting to find all vintage pieces for wardrobe basics if possible. This one isn't basic but I loved the retro stripes.

This thrifted dress was a gift from mom who knows I'm running out of clothes that fit/aren't in need of repairs. It's by Express and fits really well, I love the colors.

The back of the dress. I've been enjoying wearing the dress with tights, boots, and a turtleneck underneath.

And another thrifted gift from mom, a comfortable romper. Cute piece, I love wearing white. long until this random geometric pattern stuff that's on everything becomes retro, collectible, and wearable again? 20 years? It's so randomly ubiquitous.

I like how the back is open.

And then more summer clothes, it is the haul of clothes! These were free and both are expensive name-brand and barely if-ever worn. I love spending nothing or close to it on quality clothes. Beats $75+ for sandals! There's too much abundance around second-hand.

With personal and merchandise possessions dwindling I'm excited to slowly go back to thrifts, shopping with great care not to acquire anything that isn't absolutely needed or absolutely amazing. Stepping up the curating game! By the by, I'm still trying to clearance the HELL out of my current merchandise, I really need a fresh start. check out my sale on Etsy. If you're local, check out my booth at Southern Crossing Antique Mall, it's booth #4504.

I'm also selling my favorite second-hand find, my gorgeous mid century modern couch! Every time it has appeared on the website I've gotten e-mailed offers on it, if it's in the background of a craigslist post or item listing people want the sexy beast. My boyfriend just moved in and his huge sectional is more practical; my couch has no where to live. It'll be tough to see it go. Do e-mail me if you're local and interested or have any questions.

Been finding anything interesting lately at the thrifts? I'm still enjoying my reprieve for now, still getting a clear picture of the things I'll bring home into the future. - Thrift Core

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Thrifting

Yikes! It's been a minute since anyone posted!'s your summer? Keeping it real? I've been keeping busy with all manner of random things. I've had some good luck thrifting as well. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my finds:

Some good stuff to be sure; Jonathan Adler, George Nelson, Charley Harper, Dansk...the hits keep coming. The Nelson Bubble lamp was a great find to be sure. Only $40! The Charley Harper book was like a lightning strike. I found it far from the book section on a chair, so someone had pulled it out, thought about it and put it down...

What have you found this summer?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Thrifting Recap

If you’re like me, once a week you like to tour your list of favourite thrifting blogs to see what great stuff other people have been finding. But, in the dog days of summer, those new posts seem to be few and far between. Well, never fear, Eight Mile Vintage to the rescue with a recap of some of my favourite finds this summer. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

If you watch Downton Abbey, you’ve probably noticed the yellow earthenware bowls in Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen. There seems to be some dispute as to whether they are T.G. Green Gripstand bowls or Mason Cash bowls. I’ll be watching the next season carefully to see which they are. Gripstand bowls were produced by T.G. Green & Co. Ltd. in the UK and have a distinctive triangulated flat area on the base for easy tilting of the bowl while hand mixing. The patent stated that they were an “improved mixing bowl for pastry and the like”. I found these large super collectible beauties at my local cottage country thrift store with a small T.G. Green pudding bowl thrown in for good measure.

The two Gripstands are a little big for my own kitchen so I’m sending these to new homes while I search for a smaller version to keep.

Lately, I’ve really hit the jackpot with coloured milk glass bowls for vintage Sunbeam mixers. I gasped when I spotted the large turquoise one in the bins being wheeled out at the thrift – and scooped it right up before it hit the shelf, of course. It’s already gone to its new home where it completed the buyer’s vintage turquoise Sunbeam stand mixer and bowl set. I found the smaller jadeite and yellow bowls too.

My first thrifted Cathrineholm piece! It’s in perfect condition and I could barely speak after I found it. If it was a bowl, I would keep it and add it to my own vintage kitchenware collection. But, since it’s a casserole, it’s already listed in my Etsy shop.

I almost missed this fabulous Dansk fondue pot and stand. I had checked over the shelves of metal items that were stacked dangerously higgledy-piggledy at a Goodwill (science question: do Goodwill shelves actually defy the laws of gravity or is it just that the clerks think they do?). I was walking away when I just happened to glance back and saw it stuffed in the back on the bottom shelf. (Note to self: check more thoroughly.) Isn’t it fantastic?!

What do you think of this incredible Eva Zeisel Pinecone coffee pot? Fabulous, n’est-ce pas? She was quoted as saying she wanted “to please the eye and invite the hand to touch” with her design. I think she succeeded with this fluid piece. It had escaped the eye of the gang of pickers who hang out at that particular thrift all day. Lucky for me they don’t seem to know jack squat about great vintage.

I’ve been picking up a bit of jewellery here and there. I found this 1960’s/70’s Montreal designer Guy Vidal plated pewter pendant hanging on a junk chain and snapped it up. I recognized his distinctive “dinosaur” stamp on the back. It’s not in the catalogue of his brutalist jewellery but there are identical earrings pictured there. I suspect this was a single earring that was converted to a pendant. There’s a shop on Etsy – Luckypatina  - that has the earrings for sale so I’ll list this piece in my Etsy shop so some lucky buyer can put together an earring and necklace set. 

If you’d like to see a little more about Vidal go here for his original bio tag and some of his incredible jewellery. 

And, finally, look at this great set of 1950s les Etoiles cups and saucers with the matching creamer from France. So similar to the Franciscan Starburst pattern, don’t you think? I’ve sold the plates before so it was cool to find these pieces. There were a pair of plates and a platter on the shelf but they’d been abused so I forced myself to leave them behind. A tough call but I need to do better about leaving behind damaged items.

So there’s a little bit of my summer. I've found so many more great vintage pieces but I've been a little slack about taking pictures. Hope you’ve had some good thrifting luck where you live. To see any of these items in my Etsy shop go here. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mid Mod Mom: Celebrating 1,000 sales

Hello vintage lovers,

I am a happy store owner this week. My MidModMom store just reached a fabulous milestone: 1,000 sales! It has been an amazing couple of years! Thank you to all my supporters and followers. You are the best!

To celebrate I went on a short road trip to an area I rarely visit and I did some Saturday garage sale and thrift store rounds. It was a great mini-celebration filled with fun finds. 

Let's start with the glass. All Blenko glass, all gorgeous. My first Winslow Anderson fish in a beautiful chartreuse color, water bottle in a golden clear yellow, and a puzzle piece vase by Hank Adams. Whimsical collection, don't you think?

A very lovely Romanze Continental tea set designed by Born Wiinblad for Rosenthal Studio Linie. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the set at the "fancy" side of the thrift store.

This Maurice Ascalon for Pal Bell of Israel snail ashtray has been on my things to thrift wish list for a while. It will be listed in the store soon.

Other finds include a small flora bowl with the old nuutajarvi sticker, Eva Zeisel Fantasy salt and pepper shakers for Hallcraft, and Wiinblad March wall plaque for Nymolle.

My favorite "find" of the week, a Bennington Potters lion bank. I am thinking he will hang around for a while. It is a short term keeper!

This is it for today, I am off to celebrate Mother's day. Happy day to all mothers out there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thrift Haul at the PIT

Hello Thrift Collective, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Well, I've missed blogging a bit and don't think it's because I don't want to, but (you know there is always a 'but...') I've been crazy busy lately and haven't had a chance. I've been working on my Etsy store quite a bit, and all that photographing and listing takes time. I don't know about you, but I am way better at acquiring stuff than selling it!

That means I've been buying a ton of cool stuff, so I thought you might like to see some all cleaned up and ready to show off!

I just bought this amazing antique chest yesterday. It had been sitting in my local Salvation Army for about a week and I kept passing it by because there was no price on it. (You know they won't sell stuff without a ticket on it, so I kept waiting.) It finally got priced yesterday and it was $6.99- seriously! Even at that, I hemmed and hawwed at it because I didn't think I could fit it in my car. And I was right...hehe.  I somehow wedged it in the trunk of my Chevy Cruze and drove it a couple miles home with the trunk lid open.

I bought it to use outside on my patio; I was thinking as a potting bench or outdoor bar. It's not in great condition, but for outside it will be fine- I wish I had a covered porch to keep it on! It makes an amazing photo backdrop for some of my listings, which is exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, nothing will help my lame photography skills, though. Selling on Etsy is so dependent on taking great photos, and I definitely know that is my weakness.

I pass up enamelware all the time- not quite sure why I suddenly decided to buy some. Except that these are awesome pieces and I love red. The platter is so cool, and it was only $1, the bowl still had some of the original label on it and it was $2. 

I love vintage lawn furniture and have quite a collection at this point. I bought this little strap chair for my daughter to use. It was only $2! I use the bigger one in the back all the time- they are so much lighter and more comfortable than those stupid chair-in-a-bag things. All this green and turquoise furniture is so cheery, plus it matches my vintage patio umbrella I thrifted last year. I can't wait to get it all out- will definitely have to do another post on that!

This camera is one of my favorite buys from the last few weeks. It's a Polaroid Land Camera with its original case and all the accessories. My son and I actually went in on this together because I didn't have enough money on me to buy it that day. My 9 year old (known to many of my readers as "Eagle Eye") bailed me out! LOL But since he loaned me 1/3 of the purchase price I told him he could have 1/3 of the profit when we sell it. So look for it in my Etsy store soon, and help support the next generation of pickers! 

The time to buy holiday stuff is just after that holiday is over! I bought these Beistle leprechauns at the pound store. One is on  a skateboard- argh- the cuteness!  So they basically cost me 6 cents. And the Marvin the Martian lunch bags are still in their package. I can't decide if I want to sell them or let my kids use them for school, but I don't think 3rd graders appreciate the coolness factor here.

The same goes for this Sylvester the cat bookbag. Way too cool for school- and already in my Etsy store. Want it? Enter coupon code PIT20OFF and you get 20% off!

And it wouldn't be a thrifting post without Pyrex. Lately the greens just seem to follow me home. I don't collect either of these patterns, but I know a lot of folks do, so here's hoping I can resell them. The cinnamon mugs match my favorite pattern, Autumn Harvest, though, so they might be staying. LOL, who am I kidding, it all might be staying! ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eye Openers

Sometimes amazing things happen. Well, scratch that, everyday amazing things happen. Currently there's humans in orbit over the Earth. The phone in your pocket has more processing power than the computers that put the first men on the Moon. In particular I'm amazed by the things that line up to make other things happen.

Take my new friend Felicia for example; She's been a reader of this blog for a while. Long enough to know that I have a particular obsession and last week she walked into a thrift store and she happened to look through the Catalog and Magazine section. She happened to pick up a catalog and her eyes happened to fall on a page that she knew would interest me.

To me, this find is monumental. It's the last piece of the puzzle. I finally have a (possible) name, date and seller. I'm not sure if the "Eye-Opener" is a clever catalog write up or that's what they called it.
For years I've only had "Taste Setter Collection" to go by. I assumed it was made by a company called "Sigma" only because they have a line of ceramics by the same name. So I had to assume right? I still don't actually know. I think I won't know that until I find someone who actually helped produce these. 

What I DO know is the lovely Felicia found this in a Neiman-Marcus 1972 "An Early Taste of Christmas Catalog". Naturally I went straight to eBay and asked all the sellers of vintage Neiman-Marcus catalogs to look through and see if they could find the pattern. No luck.

So right now it only existed in this mini catalog. I know a lot of you vintage hunters can empathize with the joy in finding out crucial information like this.  Of course me knowing this doesn't really change anything. It's not like people list it for sale under "Neiman-Marcus Eye Opener".

The catalog is a pretty important find to me. I can't thank Felicia enough and everyone who has helped in the search.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Vintage Nut Celebrates Taylorstone Cathay Day

In my first post here, I'd like to thank The Thrift Collective for generously allowing me to join such a super-groovy vintage lovers blog. Reading about others' thrifting highs and lows in an empathetic community is good for my kind: I get daily reaffirmation that I'm not the only nut out there who cannot (nope, I cannot) pass a thrift store without pulling into the parking lot to run in for a quick look-see. Much appreciation to The Thrift Collective.

Now, please allow me to share with you the inspiring thrifting adventure behind what I now refer to as Taylorstone Cathay Day. 

Of course, if you're not interested in reading a story, feel free to scroll down to more photos.

I don't normally venture into thrift stores on weekends. They're crowded and just not worth the aggravation. But a week ago I did stop in at my favorite GW on my way home from an ESL class I teach. It was just a little past noon, and I had to cruise the parking lot for a couple of minutes before I finally found a parking spot on the opposite end of the strip mall, over by the Dunkin Donuts. And even before I entered, I could tell that the place was indeed full of folks. Again, I don't like weekend thrifting. 

So why did I do it on March 15, 2014, a.k.a. Taylorstone Cathay Day? I'm crediting a supernatural vintage-stuff-whispers-to-vintage-nut-in-a-language-only-vintage-lovers-understand phenomenon. 

I felt a pull.

Enough. Let's skip to the near end. Check out the photo of my buggy that I texted to Mama in North Carolina as I headed to the register.

And after sending this image, I still found a couple more pieces to load in there. (Yay!)

Like many of you, I love the perfectly atomic Taylorstone Cathay pattern. And I do know that it's not uncommon in thrift stores, because I see lots of finds on others' blogs. I also consider myself a collector, in fact. (And by "collect," I mean that I've bought, maybe, six or eight pieces.) In fact, my first post on this blog included a modest Taylorstone Cathay find. So you can imagine the double-take I did when I happened upon the many precariously stacked Taylorstone Cathay pieces sitting on the shelves of a housewares endcap. 

Immediately and without regard to price, I knelt and began putting the pieces in my handheld shopping basket. (I never choose the buggy optiontoo cumbersome.) Of course, there was no way I would fit all that was there in that little basket. And, unfortunately, you can't holler "saved!" in a thrift store. Well, you can, I suppose, but there's no guarantee that it'll be effective.

So I stood there, trying to figure out how to go grab a cumbersome buggy while still protecting my great find from other shoppers (none of whom seemed the slightest bit interested in whatever the heck I'd discovered). But then a GW employee who recognized me as a regular (heck, most of the employees there know me as a regular!) happened by and told me that there was more of the set on the opposite endcap. I think I said in reply something like, "Holy moly." He asked whether I wanted it. Heck, yeah!

So the nice man began putting all of those pieces from the other end-cap in another basket for me. And now I had an ally protecting my "saved!" pieces. I commandeered a buggy at the front of the store. Then back at the housewares aisle, I thanked the nice man and put everything he had gathered into my not-really-so-cumbersome buggy. I also told him that the hubby was going to freak, because I wouldn't be coming home with one little Russel Wright plate today, but with pretty much a whole stinkin' set of 50-year-old dishes. The nice man asked me to then please refrain from mentioning to the hubby his involvement in my adventure. 

Thinking like a seasoned thrifter, I then roamed the rest of the housewares aisles looking for stray pieces from the set. That's when I found two oval platters. Holy moly, again.

My buggy held the following:

  • 13 dinner plates 
  • 10 salad plates
  • 10 bread & butter plates
  • 10 soup bowls
  • 16 cups with 16 saucers 
  • 9 additional cups without saucers
  • 2 oval platters
  • 2 veggie bowls
  • 1 creamer
  • 1 sugar bowl with lid
  • 1 gravy boat with its saucer

It took quite a while to ring up my purchase and then to loosely wrap the entire set. (Duh.) The GW folks kindly found three boxes in the backroom to help me carry everything. During the process, the nice man told me that he had just priced and put the dishes out that morning and that he was glad they were heading out the door so soon. I think the staff believed that this was one of those sets that would sit around taking up space foreveras if it were manufactured by Gibson 10 years ago or something. Each piece was priced between 96 cents and $3.96. In the end, everything I got cost me just under $130, and that's including sales tax. Yay!

In the parking lot, the hubby called wondering where I'd gotten to. (As I mentioned before, I usually head straight home after teaching on Saturdays.) I told him that I had detoured to GW, but that I'd be home soon. Then I said, "Um, dear. This will be a day that will test the strength of our relationship."

He met me at the door when I got home. He shook his head and laughed. He knows me. I explained to him how incredible my find was. And for the umpteenth time, I reminded him that when we married over 25 years ago, we didn't register for china. (I've used that one to justify buying vintage dishes forever. And it works!) He went out back to smoke a cigar, while I unpacked and washed and dried everything. It took me almost two hours. 

The set looks to have never been used. There is no crazing, and there are no stains. Four or five pieces do have small chips. No biggie.

I love that the set includes the gravy boat with its handy-dandy plate.

I also got a creamer and a sugar bowl. Check out the oh-so-mid-century-mod wood lid!

The cups' insides are such a rich green.

A few days after Taylorstone Cathay Day, I returned to the GWon the off chance I'd left a piece sitting there by its lonesome, or the staff had just put out more discovered hiding in the back. And there was a piece: another sugar bowl, sans cool lid, but priced at 96 cents. I grabbed it. I'll probably never find the lid, but I don't care.

Also, a couple of days after Taylorstone Cathay Day, Mama happened across a salt shaker from the set, marked at $4, in a North Carolina thrift store. Did I want it, she asked. Heck, yeah! And in honor of March Madness, I'll declare, "Serendipity, baby!"

I think this will be our go-to nice set when we finally move to our North Carolina home in a few years. I'm planning on decorating with a mid-century modern/mountain theme. It'll work. I'm sure of it.

Thank you for humoring me as I shared my story. You thrifters understand. I know you do. 


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